This is the new site for Kinky Sex Tips For Curious Girls; kinky classes taught by a former professional dominatrix turns women’s adventure coach.

Wait. What!?

Kinky Sex Tips For Curious Girls are on-line classes for women who would like to learn more about themselves, and their kinky side. Through 6-8 week classes, you take a journey of self discovery with other women who are also working to discover their own true self.

These classes are designed to teach you to discover the difference between what you WANT to do and explore, and what you are expected to do and explore.

If Fifty Shades of Grey started a conversation you don’t know how to have, sign up for the FREE women only forum, or join our next class.

About Mona Darling

Mona Darling has over twenty years experience mentoring people new to BDSM and helping them find their path. As a Professional dominatrix she loved helping people overcome fear and apprehension to truly enjoy and appreciate their kinks. As a women’s sexual adventure coach, she loves working with women to overcome shame and let their curiosity take the lead.her

She sees BDSM as a way to connect with your partner and places special value in trust building, communication and negotiation. You can be an award winning spanker, but if you haven’t mastered those, you will never really connect with your partner.

Learn more about her on VivaYourRevolution.com.


Sign up’s will open soon our next class for female dominants. We will discuss negotiation, consent, discovering your submissives true desires, styles of domination, and much more over 6 weeks.

This class is designed for women who are just starting out on their journey.


Feeling more submissive? Sign ups will also open soon for our next class for female submissives. We will discuss negotiation and consent,  how to get your hesitant top to give you the spanking you deserve,  how to be a feminist submissive slut, and find out what makes your top truly happy.

This class is designed for women who are just starting their journey.


Not sure if you are a submissive or a dominant? Maybe you go back and forth between the two.  Sign up for both classes which will take place on alternating weeks.

Each class has a private space to discuss your personal experiences, as well as the weekly videos and homework. Yes. There will be homework. Naughty, naughty homework. Each week there will also be a live event where you can log in to chat with Mona Darling and get your specific questions answered.

Want To Join Us??

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at DarlingPropaganda@gmail.com.